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La Luz del Dia


La Luz del Dia is a cafeteria-style restaurant serving Michoacan Mexican food in the historic Olvera Street in downtown Los Angeles.
The restaurant was officially established at this location in 1959 but the story begins much earlier.

Before there was the La Luz del Dia restaurant, there was a La Luz del Dia grocery store, established in 1915 just a few blocks down on Main Street where the 101 freeway is today. It relocated to several places along Main Street including right next to the Plaza Church, North Spring Street, and in 1966 the Sepulveda House. Since 1941, the grocery store, then owned by Jack Berber, was a supplier to Christine Sterling, the founder of Olvera Street, when she lived in the historic Avila Adobe. Because of this long relationship, Ms. Sterling always insisted that Jack Berber should open a business directly on Olvera Street. On September 16, 1959, this opportunity turned into a reality and Jack along with his cousin Pancho Cazares opened La Luz del Dia Restaurant.

We want to start by thanking each and every one of you who has supported us through this pandemic, and those who dined with us while following our health and safety guidelines. Your continued support throughout this process means the world to us. We truly have the best customers. Thank you again for your patience and hope to serve you soon!

Days of operation currently:

Thursday thru Sunday from 10:30 am to 4 pm.

La Luz Del Dia Restaurant

W-1 Olvera Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012
Contact us at (213) 628-7495
To learn more about us and see our menu,

La Luz del Dia is currently owned by Gregory Berber, son of Henry Berber, and grandson of Jack Berber. Pancho's son Frank had also been working at the restaurant for many years.

Thanks to the “LA Al Fresco” program, we were able to expand out into the Placita to allow for safer outdoor dining and allow us to safely distance our tables.  

Come enjoy some tacos at La Placita on Olvera Street!

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